Shenyang, 5, 000 students will use the tablet computer in classes

2016/7/9 15:12:52

Shenyang City next year will start an important work. Teacher use whiteboard, and student use a tablet PC to achieve information and knowledge etc..

Yesterday, the reporter visited the Shenyang Municipal Education Research Institute to understand the relevant information. In the smart classroom. The teacher is no longer use the blackboard for teaching, but  use multimedia electronic whiteboard and students interact in real-time online.Students take in the hand is no longer the book and pen, but tablet computers.What is the most important, the teacher can use "smart classrooms system for each student learning performance to do a large data analysis,and find out weak points of learning to develop personalized training and coaching, which allow students to experience one to one learning.

The tablet pc can record the knowledge which used to writing in the whiteboard.students can go after the knowledge after school conveniently.Meantime,teachers can know more information about students'learning problem by the computer.

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